At Dragan Farms we pride ourselves on producing the best eggs ever!!

Our happy hens forage on fresh pastures from sun up to sun down. They enjoy a diet of barley sprouts, laying mash and apple cider vinegar. We move the caravans every 2 days to keep it fresh for the chickens and the pastures.

Eggs are available from the Farm Shop Sunday 8-2pm and Wednesday 12-6pm.

  Absolutely love their eggs, find it very difficult to eat store bought eggs, after you have had Dragan Farm’s one. Nice to to be able to buy on a Sunday morning in such a lovely location.


 The eggs are AMAZING!!
Friendly owners who are happy to help you out.


 Eggcellent eggs. Freshest egg I’v had since my own girls great for poaching.


 Love the jumbo eggs, lovely people every thing is so fresh.